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    Are you planning a visit to Cambridge in the near future? Whether you are looking to take a trip or you want to put down roots, you’ve picked the right place. Cambridge is famous for its bustling culture, fine dining, limitless entertainment options, and historical significance. We’ve picked our top five favorite Cambridge neighborhoods to highlight. Read on to check out Cambridge Pads’ top picks!

    Harvard Square

    Harvard Square Cambridge MA

    Inarguably one of the most famous neighborhoods in Cambridge, Harvard Square is internationally known for housing the renowned Harvard University. As the historic center of Cambridge, Harvard Square is the epicenter of culture within Cambridge. When you visit this neighborhood, you can check out a number of reputable museums and theaters, along with other historic sites. For entertainment, you can shop to your heart’s content and dine in any number of incredible restaurants.

    Inman Square

    Inmann Square Cambridge

    Inman Square is a lively location with a reputation for high quality bars, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options in general. This square is also known for its eclectic community; there is a strong Brazilian presence here, and Inman Square is also famous for its Korean market, and delicious, authentic Indian, Mexican, and Peruvian restaurants.

    Central Square

    Central Square Cambridge MA

    As the name suggests, Central Square is truly in the center of all the action. Once known as the mercantile center of Cambridge, this neighborhood is now famous for attracting travelers from all across the globe who are looking to enjoy a diverse array of eateries, take in the café culture, and do some shopping. Central Square is also known for its nightlife scene, with everything from open-mic events and poetry readings, to dive bars and pubs.


    Riverside area Cambridge MA

    Located on the west of Cambridgeport, Riverside is a neighborhood that faces the Cambridge River. Even though Harvard University is not based out of this area, there are many Harvard dorms based out of Riverside, creating a notable college presence. For a taste of nature, residents can visit one of two parks, Hot Field and Riverside Press. With easy transportation options to Central Square and Harvard Square, Riverside residents delight in the proximity to these bustling neighborhoods, while still enjoying river views and a more peaceful atmosphere.

    Kendall Square

    Kendall Square Cambridge MA

    Known as the hub of technology and biotechnology industries, Kendall Square is the famous home of MIT, along with Draper Laboratory, Akami, Biogen IDEC, and Genzyme. With a professional atmosphere, visitors to Kendall Square can expect to find workers busy on their laptops, buzzing about all types of tech-related matters. Aside from the commercial and industrial activity, Kendall Square is also known for its eccentric and avant-garde entertainment. Visitors can check out Kendall Square Cinema to find all sorts of foreign films and independent productions. With stunning views of the Charles River and a burgeoning restaurant and bar scene, Kendall Square is popular with people from all walks of life and vocations.

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